Friday, March 16, 2007

Cotacachi, Ecuador

Wow - We've been in Ecuador for over 2 weeks, and I've finally a few moments to write a blog entry!

With our long time friends, Carl and Rose, we arrived here March 1st, got through customs and immigration with no problemas, and then caught a van to Hotel Quito. We needed a van, because we were bringing down towels, sheets, and other household items to our new condo here in Cotacachi. These items are available here, but quality varies, and we had decided to shop at home for them.

We spent two days in Quito with a marvelous cab driver/guide by the name of Milton Benavenides. If you're going to explore Quito, you'll want someone like him to take you around. Although the 4 of us were a bit cramped in his taxi, he was a charming and funny guide, very educated and erudite.

Our trip up to Cotacachi was more comfortable, and since being here, we've been on the run - checking up on the condo's finishing, swimming at the thermal springs at Chachimbiro, visiting markets, meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones.

We have just finished a week-long intensive Super Spanish course, offered here in El Meson de los Flores in Cotacachi. This course is based on the Superlearning techniques developed by Dr. Georgi Lazanov in the early 1960's. To read more about his techniques, just go to Superlearning on the net. For me, it was a wonderful experience, and I feel much more confident in expressing myself in Spanish.

So, tomorrow we visit the spa at El Mirage for 90 minutes of absolute luxury - volcanic clay baths, eucalyptus detoxifying steam, Shamanic purification, and more!!