Friday, May 4, 2007

Climate Change?

Wow - looks like we left Ecuador at the right time! We returned to the 'Wet Coast' on April 1, to a month of rain and cool weather.

However, I've just heard from one of the residents of San Miguel (the development in Cotacachi where we now own 2 lots), and it looks like Ecuador was following suit weatherwise. Usually, there is a lot of sun in April, with some rain, since it's toward the end of the 'rainy season'.

He tells me that April was really really wet, with many thunderstorms (NOT usual there), and that during one particularly violent storm, the figure of Christ atop the cathedral was hit by lightning and lost an arm!

Here's a photo showing the cathedral - a very large and lovely one for such a small town.

This area of Ecuador has been shown to be the central point where lines of energy cross, and is thought to be one of the most sacred spots in Ecuador. This is why the conquering Spaniards chose it to build the cathedral. Many of the cathedrals are located on the spots that the indigenous people revered as centres of power, and upon which their temples were built.

I've also recently learned that climate change is more extreme at the poles, and less so on the equator. What does that tell us, with the above in mind?