Thursday, October 11, 2007

Learning Spanish Like Crazy

I first ran across 'Learning Spanish Like Crazy' about a year ago. I was planning a trip to Ecuador with my husband, and although I'd gone to some Continuing Education Spanish classes at our local university, my grasp of Spanish was very be truthful, pretty non-existent.

So, I spent some time on line, looking for a Spanish conversational program that would include the things I felt were important:

It had to use native Latin American speakers.
It had to be downloadable, in mp3 format, for use on my Ipod.
It had to be affordable.
It had to focus on conversation.

I found 'Learning Spanish Like Crazy', did some reading and listening to a sample, and ordered it. It took a while to download, as each lesson is about 45 minutes long. Included was a series of pdf files, the transcripts of each lesson.

Each lesson is about 45 minutes, the optimum time for focus and retention.
It follows a listen and repeat format, in Spanish and English.
Each lesson builds on the last one.
There are 30 lessons in the introductory program, so you are certainly getting your money's worth at $97.
I can learn in the car, on my walks, or as I shop for groceries (although if you do this, be prepared for some strange looks).

If you are looking for a Spanish course that delivers all it promises, and even gives you extras, such as grammar lessons and videos, then click on the bold title to buy 'Learning Spanish Like Crazy', or see the link in my footer below.

Hasta Luego!